15 Minute AB Workout Fit for your Dorm!

Unfortunately, the Freshman 15 is real. Even if you eat healthy food and workout regularly, you are still bound to gain a couple pounds due to stress, adjusting to a completely new environment, and late nights out with all your new friends. But don't you worry, here is my favorite Ab workout, known as "Super Abs," that targets every part of your stomach. There are 20 exercises to do and each one takes less than 30 seconds to complete. I try to do this workout at least once a day, after I finish running or before I go to bed if I didn't find the time to do it during the day. Your stomach may be burning after you finish this workout, but the payoff is incredible! 

Enough chat, it's time to workout! Here is the Suber Ab workout below

  1. Knee Hugs x20

  2. Crunches x20

  3. Leg Raises x15

  4. Crunches x10

  5. V-Twists x10

  6. Crunches x10

  7. Twist Crunches x10

  8. Crunches x20

  9. V-Twists x10

  10. Sit-Up's x20 (you're halfway there!)

  11. Crunches x10

  12. Twist Crunches x15

  13. Crunches x10

  14. V-Twists x10

  15. Sit-Up x 15

  16. V-Twist x10

  17. Crunches x20

  18. Leg Raises x20

  19. Crunches x20

  20. Leg Raises x15

Here is an infographic with pictures and descriptions for each exercise. 

Good luck powering through this workout, you can do it! If you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comment section below.