4th of July Style Inspiration Boards

When I think of the 4th of July, I envision summer pool parties with friends, the smell of food grilling on an open bbq, a fun music playlist, and cute outfits with pops of red, white, and blue. And lucky for us, those three colors are in trend for this hot summer! Here are three style inspiration boards, one for each color of our American Flag, that is beautiful and patriotic... without wearing the American flag!


Red is the color of love, it catches everyone's attention because of its brightness and how vibrant it is. It screams confidence. When fireworks explode in the sky, you’ll see the color red fall back to earth. It’s the color of red solo cups at parties, and the ketchup you’ll squeeze on top of your hot dog. It’s the color your skin will slowly start to turn when you spend the day dancing in the sun (but PLEASE don't forget to wear sunscreen!) and swimming in the pool to cool off. The color demands to be noticed, much like the girl wearing the color. 


Blue is a gentle color. It’s what you feel when you jump into a chilly pool or ocean, it’s crisp when cold; soothing when warm. It’s the depth of the sky in the middle of a long afternoon. The sky moves through shades of blue as the day draws to a close. It’s the color of her eyes, her nail polish, and the dress she is wearing. She puts everyone at ease when she wears the color blue. 


Pure, simple, beautiful. White is the color of a free-hearted girl twirling in her white lace dress. It’s the color of the paper plates that you’ll carry when mingling with friends, it’s the noise you’ll hear after listening to the booming of the fireworks. It’s the color of the dog that is running across the freshly cut grass and of your bathing suit. It’s the color of the sunlight as it shines above you, highlighting the beauty that is around you.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope you like the inspiration boards. All of the photographs are from Tumblr, and the articles of fashion are from the following brands: Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Camp Collective, Levi Jeans.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, stay safe, have fun, and make memories. 

See you on Sunday with a new post! 

~ A College Girl