Advice From a Senior to a Freshman 

This post is a guest article by Brynne Fritjofson! She's a senior over at Hope College and is a dance and theatre major! Check out her website here :) 

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College is a rollercoaster full of highs, lows, and plenty of loops. Navigating your first year is incredibly exciting and chaotic so here five tips from a senior who's been through it all!

1. Friends Change

The friend group I had in the beginning of my freshman year is vastly different from the friends I have now. I started off my freshman year hanging out with the people that lived in my hall, and while I still have a couple of close friends from my hall, I'm not as close with most of them anymore. Friend groups change as people dive into their major/minor courses and start to find groups of people they mesh well with. Not to say that halls and general education classes aren't ways to find amazing friends. Some of my best friends I met this way. But don't feel like the first people you meet in college are the people you have to stick with. And if you don't feel like you've met your people yet, don't fret! I've met some of my greatest friends in the past six months to this past year. 

2. Keep a planner/write down EVERYTHING

This is coming from a girl who is slightly all over the place...I tried sliding through freshman year not keeping an agenda and giving myself mental reminders about homework assignments and meetings. Let me tell you, this did not work out well for me. I found myself missing work shifts, meetings with professors, and not turning things in on time. If you write down events, homework, work shifts, and even time for leisure, it really helps you see how your day will plan out and you're less likely to forget about something important. It takes a bit of discipline, but as my roommate showed me who is veryyyy organized, it can be done!

3. Don't over-commit

The first year of college is so exciting with tons of clubs to try, different events, and campus jobs to try out. And while trying everything is a great way to learn and meet new people, having some leisure time is extremely important. If you find yourself anxious or stressed about the day because of all the activities you've committed yourself to, it's time to take a step back and leave an hour or two in your day for homework time, friend dates, or even time alone to recharge!

4. Keep in touch with loved ones

Whether it be your mom, dad, best friend, or grandparent, keeping in touch with that person that keeps you steady at the end of the day can turn your day around. Check in with people and don't feel like reaching out to someone special in your life will burden them. If anything, you'll make their day better as well and calling or sending a text to them helps them know you're thinking of them. 

5. Save your money

I've learned the hard way that the poor college student cliche is absolutely true. I once spent my entire paycheck in a couple days on clothes or buying coffee and found $12 left in my bank account! As difficult as it may be, it's reassuring to start saving even a couple dollars from every paycheck to use at another time. Then you'll always feel that you have a back up in case of an emergency and you'll be financially responsible after college as well.

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xx, Brynne