Finally Friday #2

Happy Friday! This was my first week back at college and it flew by! So far I love all the classes I'm taking and I think it is going to be an exciting semester. :) I'm also officially in Track Season now, so my body is pretty tired from running, but I've been surviving the workouts and our first outdoor meet is only 6 weeks away!! That sound's pretty far off, but the time is going to fly by.

So, similar to last Friday's post, I'm going to show you a roundup of interesting articles and videos that I found online this week. Enjoy!!

What I've Been Watching 

The End of the F****** World (on Netflix) 

Not going to lie, I finished this show in one sitting. Netflix released this 8-episode dark British comedy on January 5th, and I was hooked after the first scene. It follows two teens, loud-mouthed Alyssa and self-diagnosed psychopath James, who run away from home and find themselves in trouble with the law along the way. The show balances romance, humor, and a twisted storyline in a unique way. I recommend binging this show on a Sunday morning since the episodes are under 20-minutes! You can get through it in the morning and do homework afterward. :) 


Whether you are in college or about to enter college for the first time, applying for scholarships is the most important thing you can do to lower the cost of tuition. This comprehensive guide reviews some of the top platforms for scholarship hunting and provides helpful tips for scholarship applications. In addition there is Lend Edu Best Private Student Loans Guide that is free for you to check out & review various student loans options if that’s of interest to you and your family.


Glossier, aka everyone and their mother's favorite makeup/skincare line, released a new product this week! You may have heard of them before from their coveted products such as the boy brow eyebrow gel or their cloud paint blushes. Now welcome the Solution. Described as a face exfoliator and skin perfector, the Solution is claimed to transform your skin in 4 weeks. They recommend using it after cleansing and before moisturizing. Are you going to try it? 

glossier the solution


Already daydreaming of Spring Break? Check out this article Goop posted with Instagram-worthy destination's to travel to with your closest friends. I'm definitely adding some of these destinations to my bucket list!

The Mop Top 

Tonya, the woman behind is a Portland blogger that I absolutely love! She posted this article the other week about her latest addition to her closet and it's so cute! Check her post out here and I promise you'll be lusting after her closet and aesthetic immediately!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back on Wednesday with another post!