Essential Info about Essential Oils!

Story Time.

Last September, before my 19th Birthday, family and friends were asking me what I wanted as birthday presents. At the time I was settling into my new dorm, and I wanted to find ways to make my space peaceful and inviting. We are not allowed candles in the dorm, so I was on the hunt for an alternative. That’s when I stumbled across oil diffusers. They are beautiful objects that release different scents into your room to create a calming atmosphere and have wellness benefits such as reducing stress and helping you sleep. I was hooked
I mentioned them to my family and friends casually, not expecting them to get me one. But as my birthday rolled around, I received three in the mail! Three!! Different family members and friends got me beautiful diffusers with essential oils. Immediately I set them up in various corners of my dorm and poured in a combination of relaxing scents. My dorm room was hands-down the most delightful smelling room on campus! And not only did it smell nice, but it created a calming vibe in my place that I was striving to have. I love it. 

This diffuser is next to my desk! I love how relaxing this corner of my room looks! The diffuser is from Saje Skincare!

This diffuser is next to my desk! I love how relaxing this corner of my room looks! The diffuser is from Saje Skincare!


So with three diffusers and a plethora of scents to play with, I have learned a thing or two about essential oils and the amazing benefits that different oils have. Heres some of my favorite oils and combinations and how they can help improve your state of well-being. 


 A classic. It's calming, simple, and can make any dorm a welcoming place to unwind.  

Saje Scent's

If you know me, you’ll know that Saje is my all-time favorite store for skincare and wellness products. They sell oils that they have created in addition to classic scents. I have a set of four of their oils, but their "Good Karma" scent is by far my favorite. It’s a combination of cedarwood, lavender, and orange. They use this scent throughout their diffusers on store displays. Whenever I use this one, I feel as if I’m in a Saje store on the Malibu Coastline. 

good karma scent

Eucalyptus and Rosemary

I add a couple of drops of each scent to one diffuser to create a natural and fresh smelling scent. 


Tea Tree or Peppermint 

These are both strong scents that I’ll only use on the rare occasion. They help purify a room and make it feel fresh. You can also use these when you’re sick to help with any sinus issues. 

Mood-Boosting Combination 

A “Mood Boosting” oil diffuser combination that I like is mixing together a couple of drops of orange, lemongrass, and spearmint to create an uplifting scent that will remind you of a warm summer day.

I found this image on Pinterest (side note: Follow me here!) and I think it really highlights all the reason's why oil diffusers are a great addition to any home.

essential oil diagram


Thank you for reading my post, I hope to cover more topics related to discovering wellness in the future. Any topics you’re interested in, in particular? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! Talk to you soon!