Spilling the Tea... Locked in on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is cool… I repeat LinkedIn is c o o l .

Think about it this way. LinkedIn is a social media outlet that allows people to interact, show off what they’re good at, and advance your future career in the process. It’s literally a win-win situation.


In class this week we talked about network individualism and the revolution of our social world. A significant aspect of this revolution is the social network revolution which has allowed people to reach beyond the tight-knit groups they are apart of. You can build bridges that will enable you to connect with people around the world who are interested in the same topics as you. This concept made me think about the website LinkedIn and how there is an endless network of people to connect with. Personally, I am interested in the world of digital marketing and advertising, and I love to follow people who are apart of that industry. By observing their career paths, I develop my own skills and attributes.

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share a few main reasons why I think LinkedIn is cool and why college students should get involved with the website now and prepare their accounts for future careers.

1. It helps you establish an online, professional presence.

When someone is hiring you, they will most likely Google search your name. Rather than your Instagram, or middle school tumblr showing up, if your LinkedIn profile is a result, the employer will know that you are serious and professional about your online presence.

2. You can use LinkedIn to apply for jobs.

There’s a great search feature that allows you to find hundreds of jobs that match your interests and you can easily apply by sending the company your profile. I found the internship at I had last year at NBC Sports via LinkedIn!

3. Connect with Alumni from your college.

Alumni from the school that you attend have experienced what its like to graduate from your university and achieve successful careers. They would love to give career advice to students from their alma maters and maybe even help you advance in your career field. With LinkedIn, they are only a simple message away.

linkedin coffee

There you have it folks, my top three reasons for why you should have a LinkedIn account and grow your professional network. Do you already have a LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments below and let’s connect!

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