Spilling the Tea... Lovely Lo

Hello! Quick side note before getting into the blog post, this is the last required blog post for RHMS 270! My time blogging about Interpersonal Media will be coming to a close, but acollegegirl.com will continue to be up and running. Some of you may know these, but I started acollegegirl almost two years ago and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It would mean the world if you stuck around and read my blog! Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled Thursday blog post. :)

I can’t believe this is the last blog post for RHMS 270! The semester has flown by, and I’ll definitely miss spilling the tea for ya’ll. As you all know, one of the components of this project is to read and comment on each other’s blogs. With this in mind, I know that the majority of the readership here is from the classroom, but I also know that one other person is reading this blog post right now… Lauren.

Hi Lauren!!

For those of you reading this that don’t know who this mystery Lauren is, let me spill the tea. (side note: this will connect to what we’ve learned in class, just stay with me for a sec)

Lauren and I went to high school together in Southern California, and during our senior year we found out that we both were accepted into Lewis and Clark College. We were ecstatic (and super nervous) about leaving home and moving to Portland, and we decided to be roommates at school. Flash forward to freshman year, and we’re sitting in an empty dorm room in Howard Hall that eventually became our little home.

During this year, our room became a space for making new friends, learning to play a friends guitar, a place to reconnect with our high school sweethearts…and a place to break up with them, and at some point, there were 40+ apples in our room (?), but that’s a whole other story.

Flash forward a year later, and we’re sitting in another dorm room in Platt Hall which quickly became our second little home. Sophomore year, our room became a place to play card games, experience the highs and lows of bunking our beds, and watching the tree outside change colors through the seasons.

This was on college commitment day in 2016

This was on college commitment day in 2016

Lauren is my closest friend, and our relationship would have never become what it is today if we didn’t live together our freshman year. And I know she’s reading this blog post right now because she is acollegegirl’s #1 fan (or at least, I like to think she is).

So why am I telling you this story? The relationship that developed between Lauren and me is a clear example is the social penetration theory that we talked about in class last week. As a quick refresher, this theory is defined as a relationship that develops with a smooth, steady progression. Two individuals go from knowing a little about one another to a lot. There is also an ongoing assessment of costs and rewards. With Lauren and I, we were close in high school, but nowhere near as close as we are today. There was also a cost and rewards element when we lived together because if we didn’t get along, we would have been living in a negative environment. Thankfully that was never the case, and the reward for our friendship resulted in a positive living space.


So I guess the tea for today is that college would not have been the same without Lauren

and I’m forever grateful that we are a part of one another lives.

Oh, and shout out to the social penetration theory for making sense of relationships like these.

And that marks the end of the RHMS 270 blog posts. Big thank you to Lauren for reading all these posts and to everyone else that has read and commented throughout the semester!

p.s. There was way too many photo to choose from for this blog post so here’s a slideshow of some pics from high school to now that were too good to leave out.