Studying in the Snow: How to Survive Winter Finals

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end of the fall semester. Before you jet home for the holidays, you have one obstacle in your way. Finals
Commonly known as dead week amongst college students, the week leading up to finals is a dreaded time filled with caffeine-induced study sessions, and writing your last research paper. This time of year may sound awful, but with the right mindset and an efficient study schedule, you can conquer all of your finals and finish the semester strong. Here are some of my top tips to survive finals week! 

To-Do Lists are a Girl’s Best Friend: 

To be productive, you should write down all of your tasks, no matter how big or small they may seem. I like to have a to-do list for each course and include due dates for each assignment and test. Complete the homework with the closest due date, and then work down the list accordingly. 

bullet journal

Meet with your Professors: 

Your professors have office hours for a reason. Stop by for a few minutes if you are struggling with a concept, or if you want them to review your thesis statement. They can help clarify what you’re working on and raise your confidence. They also may give you some bonus tips for the final test to help you out even more! 

Stay Healthy! 

“Winter is coming.” The end of the semester is the prime time to catch the flu from the student’s around you. Eat healthy meals and take your vitamins, find time to exercise (even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes), and please get 8-10 hours of sleep. I’m a firm believer that it’s more important to get good nights sleep then to pull an all-nighter trying to cram as studying as possible. I think that becomes more counter-productive than helpful. 


Plan out when you are going to study and when to take breaks: 

45 minutes of studying, 15 minutes break. Rinse & Repeat. 
While you are studying, turn off your phone and log off of all social media. You won’t be missing anything major within 45 minutes. It’s also nice to take those 15 minutes to check Instagram, stretch, and grab a quick snack. And then get back to work. Rinse and Repeat. You’ll be surprised by how much you accomplish. 

Study Spots: 

Everyone has a favorite study spot. Find out where that place is and go there whenever you need to study. You’ll associate that spot with studying, and you won’t feel as inclined to watch YouTube videos. I don’t recommend working in your room for long periods of time. The only time I like to work in my dorm room is when it's clean, I’m alone, and I only have small assignments to get through. If I know I have to write a paper; I’ll go to the library and be free of any distractions. 


Reward Yourself: 

So you’ve been hitting the books all day, and you finally finished that huge paper due at the end of the week, it’s time to reward yourself! Have a spa night in your dorm by painting your nails and doing a face mask, or go downtown with a friend to grab ice cream. You deserve a treat girl :)

Good luck with your finals, I know you are going to do great! Leave a comment below if you have any tips for surviving finals. Talk to you all soon, xx, a college girl