Tips for Second Semester Success

*ahhhh* breathe a sigh of relief because you've survived your fall semester at college! The fall semester can be a whirlwind from moving into your dorm, adjusting to a rigorous schedule after a long, relaxing summer, and catching up with the friends you missed and making new ones. Even though you are probably on Winter Break and going to class is in the back of your mind, it’s important to start preparing for the new semester and figuring out what you need to do to succeed. I’ve included some tips that I’ll be using to make this semester run as smoothly as possible.

Rearrange your room and establish a comfortable study spot. 

When you first enter your dorm room after being gone for a month, it can feel a little drab and not homey. As an ode to the new year and semester, I like to reorganize my belongings and adding decor and fresh flowers to my room. It creates a cozier atmosphere, and my desk looks more welcoming to study at. Below are a couple of items that I think will spruce up your dorm at a low cost! Click the pictures to shop!

Treat the new semester like you treated the start of the school year.

You know that first-day-of-school feeling? Where you’re giddy and have a backpack full of school supplies and a determined attitude to get all A’s? When you return to school in the spring, that feeling tends to subside, but it’s important to tackle the beginning of the new semester as you would treat the start of the school year. Stay focused, get your homework done on time, and be responsible about long-term projects and due dates. I have a blog post here about organizing your school year, and it’s helpful to take those tips and use them this spring. 

Create a balanced routine that you can stick to.

I like to have a 24-hour timetable where I can schedule my classes, athletics, and work schedule. I also allow time for meals and studying. It sometimes sounds excessive to plan your entire day out, but it is helpful to ensure that you are getting all of your tasks completed, while still finding time to relax. Everyone has their preferred method of tracking their routine and I recommend discovering what schedule works for you this spring. 

planner timetable

Set goals for yourself!

It’s the New Year, aka prime time to make resolutions and goals for yourself in and out of the classroom. They are a fun and harmless way for you to reflect on your past, current, and future self and establish goals that you want to reach. You can try a new skill, join a club, or switch up your exercise routine! All of this can help create a fresh start on your new year and spring semester. Check out my last post where I talked about some of my resolutions! 


Thank you for reading, I hope you all have an amazing spring semester. Talk to you soon!!