What to Expect at College Orientation

Today is the start of my college’s New Student Orientation so I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you five things to expect at orientation! 

1. It’s going to be very busy and overwhelming. 

Before you take your first steps into your new home, take a deep breath and tell yourself that it’s going to be okay. I’m sure you’ll be filled with a mixture of different emotions, and it’s good to be nervous and excited! Everyone around you is probably feeling the same emotions and is in the same boat as you. Review your schedule the night before and have a campus map on hand to help make your day go as smooth as possible. 

2. There are going to be lots of presentations.

Everyday you’ll have informational meetings about campus life and their policies. This may sound boring on paper, but it will be crucial to attend because they will answer any and every question you have about college. 

3. You are going to meet so many new people. 

Literally everywhere you turn you’ll meet someone new. You will have a small group directed by an upperclassman, and you will spend a lot of time with these people for the next few days so be friendly and get to know them. I met some of my closest friends in my orientation group and we met by participating in icebreaker games (even though they were extremely cheesy). 

college orientation

4. You will meet your roommate and decorate your dorm room! 

Hopefully you’ve been in some sort of contact with your roommate and today’s the day you get to officially meet them! Sometimes this can be awkward while you both start to navigate your shoebox-sized room that’s packed with boxes but try to ask lots of questions and keep the conversation fun and easy-going. And decorating the dorm room is so much fun! I recommend bringing your favorite pictures to make your room homier and a fuzzy blanket to cuddle with at night. 

college dorm room

5. It’s totally normal to go up to a random group and ask to eat lunch with them. 

The dining hall is going to be really busy during orientation. Introducing yourself to someone and eating lunch with them is a simple way to meet new people. If you don’t vibe with someone it’s okay to not eat with them the next day, you can just go sit with another group. Before you know it, you will have a group of friends that you’ll eat meals with every day. 


I hope you found these few tips helpful and let me know how your orientation goes!