Two Delicious Acai Bowl Recipes!

Not to toot my own horn, but I kinda know a lot about acai bowls. Like a lot. Like I worked at an acai bowl shop for over a year type of lot.  

While working at this acai shop, I learned all about this superfood acai berry and all of its health benefits. Acai is an antioxidant berry that's from South America, Brazil, and Trinidad. Since this berry has a short shelf life, it is shipped around the world in a frozen form to extend its shelf life. That’s why it is a favorite ingredient in acai bowls because it tastes amazing when it is frozen and then blended up. This berry is called a superfood because it is supposed to assist in weight loss, skin appearance, and detoxification. 

Let’s get to the fun stuff, making the acai bowls. Today, I’m going to share with you two of my favorite recipes, a fruity tropical bowl, and a chocolate peanut butter bowl. I could easily eat these two dishes every day! And they are super easy and quick to make in your dorm room before class! Let’s get started!

acai bowl recipe fruity

Acai Bowl



Tools you’ll need: 

-A Blender (a magic bullet is a compact option that can easily fit in your dorm. At home, I use a Vitamix Blender.) 
-A Bowl (duh) 

Fruity Tropical Bowl Ingredients:
- 4oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
- 1/2 cup of frozen acai
- 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
- 1/4 cup of frozen pineapple
- 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries
- 1 frozen banana 

-Fresh Strawberries
-Agave or Honey 

How to Make A Fruity Acai Bowl: 

Combine all of your frozen ingredients and unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a blender. You want to blend the ingredients until it is smooth, but also a thick consistency. If it’s too runny, it will become a smoothie rather than a bowl that you can eat. 
Take the bowl you are going to eat out of and sprinkle a handful of granola at the bottom of the bowl. 
Next, pour the fruity, frozen mixture on top of the granola. 
Now it’s time for the fun part, decorating the top of the bowl! Making the toppings look cute is crucial to making it Instagram worthy. I like to add two handfuls of granola on top, sprinkle the coconut shavings, and then slice the strawberries and decorated the bowl with them. My favorite topping, however, is agave! It’s a sweeter version of honey, and I add it to all of my acai bowls! 

acai bowl recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bowl! 

- 1/2 cup of frozen acai
- 1 cup of frozen bananas
- 1 spoonful of peanut butter
- 4oz of Chocolate Almond Milk
- Optional: 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use Shakeology Chocolate Protein Powder)

-Fresh Bananas
-Agave or Honey
-Cacao Nibs 

How to Make A Chocolate Peanut Butter Acai Bowl:

Same rules apply for this bowl. Combine all of your frozen and liquid ingredients and blend up!
Add a handful of granola to the bottom of the bowl, and then add the frozen mixture. For the toppings, I add two handfuls of granola, sliced banana, cacao nibs, and agave or honey. 

chocolate acai bowl recipe

Of course, feel free to add or subtract ingredients or toppings to either of these recipes, these are just two simple recipes that I enjoy. Often I’ll add different fruit to the top of my bowl depending on what is in season and in my fridge. I love adding frozen mango or frozen peaches to the fruity bowl, and sometimes I’ll add chia seeds on top of the bowls. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you tried either of these acai bowls out!