The College Tag

Last week I was scrolling through my YouTube subscription box when I stumbled across a video titled "The College Tag." Curious, I watched it as the vlogger talked about her college experience so far and a bit more about her school. I thought it would be fun to have a similar Q&A style blog post and talk about my college experience so far and might learn a thing or two about me along the way. Without further ado, let's get started! 

1. What college do you attend?

I am currently a sophomore at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR!

It's so beautiful!!

It's so beautiful!!

2. Was this your first choice? What other colleges did you look at? 

This was my first choice school and I'm so lucky to call this place home. I looked mainly at colleges in the Pacific Northwest, such as Puget Sound University, Western Washington University, and Oregon State University. All the school's I looked at were very different from one another!

3. What is your major?

I am a Rhetoric and Media Studies major. Which is basically the fancy liberal arts way of saying communications.

4. Do you have a minor?

Yes, I am minoring in Art & Art History. I originally started off as a double major in Art & Rhetoric but decided that an Art minor is a better program for me.

5. Do you live on campus, live off campus, or commute?

I have lived on campus for the last two years in a dorm room with my roommate. I'm planning on living on campus again next year. 

 6. If you could only bring 3 things to college what would they be?

I would bring my kitty from home, an endless supply of tea, and a computer with the biggest amount of storage space possible. 

7. How is your semester going?

My semester has been great so far! I have a busy schedule and challenging classes but I've been working on some amazing projects and making memories that I'll never forget. 

8. Do you have a college resolution?

You can read all about my latest college resolution here! I challenged myself to become a morning person and this post is all about how I did it!

9. Have you joined any student organizations?

I'm a dual varsity athlete at Lewis and Clark, so the whole athletics department is a big part of my college life and an organization I'm apart of. Outside of the realm of sports, I'm in the entrepreneurship club, which is a great way to connect and network with future colleagues.  

10. If you have a dorm and a roommate, do you get along with them?

My roommate, Lauren, and I have lived together the last two years and she is my best friend in the whole world. We also went to high school together so we've been close for a long time. I couldn't imagine my college experience without Lauren by my side. 

11. What was the biggest high school to college transition for you?

The biggest transition for me was learning how to be more of an "adult" and being accountable for what I do. For example, making sure I did my laundry and getting groceries before I run out of everything and finding a part-time job. These were all things that my family would help me with back home but it became my responsibility once I started college.

12. Any advice for high school seniors?

Trust your gut when you're picking a school to go to and its okay if you don't know what you want to study yet. Oh! And trust me, you will make friends, everyone is in the same boat as you and want's to meet new people. 

13. Did you miss your parents when starting college?

I miss them all the time! But it's also important to be independent and it makes coming home that much sweeter. :) 

14. What was your best memory of college?

After our last finals of Freshman year, my friends and I had a picnic outside to celebrate the beginning on summer. We ate otter pops, played with some dogs and overall had the best time. It felt like the entire campus was outside soaking up the sun and being with their friends. 


click the two videos above to watch some snippets from my favorite day at college (so far)!