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Hi! I’m Sarah, author and designer of acollegegirl.com

 A College Girl was launched in 2017 as an open space for everyone from the high school student about to enter college to the seasoned University veteran. The purpose of this blog is to help young women prepare and succeed in college, create their own personal style, and live a healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to become a successful college student and have the best four years of your life, then you’ll feel right at home here at A College Girl! Every week you’ll get college tips, style inspiration, and health & fitness advice.


So why should you listen to me? Because I am a college girl. I'm a seasoned sophomore at college in Portland, Oregon. I had an amazing freshman year and I'm looking forward to the rest of my time at school! I’ll be growing as a college student alongside you, and sharing my experience along the way. 


A bit more about me. I play on the NCAA Women’s soccer team in the fall and run NCAA track & field in the spring for my school. Being a collegiate athlete is a defining part of my college career and has taught me an infinite amount about being an organized student. I am also double majoring in Rhetoric & Media Studies and Studio Art. I am passionate about both of these majors and I love going to class and learning something new everyday. 

A few other facts about me: 

  • I have a pet kitty named Princess (and trust me, she acts like one too). 
  • My best friend from high school, Lauren, went to the same college as me and we live in a little dorm room together :) 
  • During my Freshman year, I took a yearlong sculpture class and I can successfully bend and weld metal (its really cool) 
  • My favorite TV show at the moment is Scandal (Team Pope for life!) 


Thank you for checking out my blog, it means the absolute world to me! To keep up with A College Girl, follow it on:




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